Taking meteor to production:HACC-HUI.
15 Nov 2020
HACC-HUI: HACC-HUI is the Annual Hawaii Code Challenge (HACC), presented as a team hackathon to principally solve problems in the Hawaiian islands, and is open to any developer ranging from high school to industry professionals. Typically, over 200 participants attend...
Software Engineering
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Why re-invent the Wheel?
27 Feb 2020
UI Frameworks: Making a website in the 1990’s was probably a pretty lucritive job, fewer people had access to computers compared to now, and even fewer had the required skills to make functional yet aesthetically pleasing sites. Over the the...
UI Frameworks
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What you need to write perfect code, standards!
13 Feb 2020
Computer programs are prone to syntax, runtime and logical errors, all of which can and should be avoided. While some errors are easy to detect and avoid, especially for an experienced programmer, the task of avoiding bugs in code is...
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What did you not ask?
23 Jan 2020
Questions: A question, besides the clear “?” sign, is characterized by certain relative words such as who, where, why, what, that ignite dialogue, isn’t it? In different domains of knowledge, people ask a plethora of questions in different ways, “whosoever...
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